Northern Oregon Coast Residential Construction

If it Protects, Preserves or Prolongs the life of your home, WE DO IT!

Complete Home Maintenance offers a comprehensive and flexible array of services to maintain your home.  From changing lightbulbs and smoke detector batteries, to servicing your appliances; from pressure washing your patio to cleaning your roof, we do it all with one call.

Included with any annual maintenance agreement is a comprehensive 55 point home inspection that will let you know the health of your home and the remaining life of the major components of your home.

Annual service contracts start at less than $30 per month, and include window washing, roof and gutter cleaning.

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Save Time & Money

Just as you would perform regular maintenance on your car, you should maintain your home for the same reasons. The choice is yours: spend a little to maintain your home now, or spend a lot more on costly repairs down the road. Save time by signing up for one of our annual maintenance programs. We will work with you to come up with a customized plan and schedule that’s just right for you and your home.

Protect Your Investment

Your home is one of your most important investments. Protect your investment by scheduling routine maintenance. Regular maintenance allows you to catch and fix little problems before they become big problems. Big problems will cost more time and money down the road.

In the last year we have verified the Return on Investment to be between 5 to 10 times the initial investment, and after that, 10 to 30 times the cost to run the program.

Source: C. Idhammar, President of IDCON, a reliability and maintenance management consulting firm, commenting on preventive maintenance programs

Need More Reasons?

Explore a couple of reasons why you should invest in a home maintenance program. You’ll see that it just makes sense.


Moss and mildew can create significant slip hazards to concrete walkways and wood or composite decks.  Over time, they can lead to and conceal rot which could result in broken structures, failed railings and more.

Extend Life of Home

Failed or deteriorating systems, particularly with regard to the exterior cladding of your home (windows, roofing and siding) can shorten the life of your home dramatically, or lead to significant repair costs.  Not maintaining the drainage system in your windows, failing caulking or split siding boards can result in water getting into the structure of your home.

Coastal Climate

The Oregon coast is a particularly harsh environment, and no matter how well it was built, it needs to be maintained in order to function properly and last the lifetime that it was intended to. Even a Bentley needs the oil changed and new tires now and again.

Preserve Warranties

Most home warranties (and component warranties, like roofing, siding, etc.) require specific maintenance to be done in order for the warranty to be valid.


  • Most composite roof companies’ warranty requires annual or biannual cleaning as bird feces, moss and algae can all deteriorate the roofing.
  • Most vinyl window manufacturers require at least annual cleaning of the surface and drainage system. Milgard recommends monthly cleaning if you live in “coastal areas”.
Easy to Forget

For most people – particularly second home owners, it is not on the front of your mind to clean the roof, clean the gutters, inspect the caulking, change the filters in your furnace, clean your cadets or the myriad of other items that need to be done seasonally on your home.

Let us take the hassle of remembering and scheduling and doing away from you.  We can meet at your house and identify the tasks that your home needs, divide the list into things that you will do and things that we will do, and we will schedule the rest – we’ll even send you reminders of your tasks if you wish.

More Time

More time to enjoy your home. Whether you are living full time at the Coast, or have a second home there, you don’t want to spend your time off doing maintenance tasks.

Common List of Services

** We customize our services to your home and needs **

  • Check/Replace light bulbs
  • Test Smoke/CO Detectors
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Service doors/hinges/locks
  • Inspect/Lubricate sliding door tracks
  • Clean windows (frame, screen and drainage system)
  • Inspect screens
  • Look for & repair settlement cracks, pops and blemishes
  • Clean/Replace HVAC filters
  • Service water heater
  • Inspect/drain dehumidifier
  • Inspect/Clean/Service house vacuum
  • Test gas fireplaces
  • Clean wall mounted electric heaters
  • Clean dishwasher screens/air gaps
  • Open/Close interior water shut off valves seasonally
  • Clean refrigerator coils
  • Replace drinking water filters
  • Service water treatment systems
  • Inspect weather stripping at all exterior doors
  • Clear shrubbery, trees, plants away from house
  • Clean and inspect roof
  • Inspect attic for leaks and pests
  • Service attic ventilation system
  • Service garage doors, change batteries in opener
  • Clean dryer vent
  • Inspect/replace washing machine hoses
  • Shower/Tub caulking
  • Sink caulking
  • Caulking/Grout on counters
  • Grout in showers
  • Clean drains
  • Inspect toilets for leaks
  • Clean/Lubricate bath fans
  • Clean/Sharpen garbage disposal
  • Inspect siding, flashing and caulking
  • Inspect hose bibs