The professionals at Wing Ridge Construction can help you with a wide variety services that you may need in conjunction with your new project. We are well versed in all of the planning and zoning ordinances, and are well connected at the Counties and Cities, where we can move quickly to get answers to difficult questions.


At Wing Ridge Construction, we believe that we are a customer service business – we are here to help you, no matter what your needs.  We can help you get a loan, help you find a Realtor or vacation rental manager, or just about any other land related professional that you may need.

Northern Oregon Coast Residential Construction


There are 5 things that separate Wing Ridge Construction from every other builder in the area:

1. Honesty/Integrity

My promise to you is that I will ALWAYS give you a straight and complete answer to your questions and I will always treat you the same way I treat my own family.

2. Professionalism

I conduct business in a professional and business-like manner. I will research your questions to make sure that you get the information that you need in order to make a sound decision. Documentation that you receive from me will be complete and accurate.

3. Flexibility

Though there are some things that I will not budge on in regards to quality, I am definitely not set in my ways. New products, technologies and methods are exciting to try out, and that outlook is what keeps me improving as a builder. I believe that the customer is the boss. I am willing to be flexible in most aspects of the construction.

4. Quality

It is vitally important to the survival of my business for future customers to see the quality that we put into every detail of our homes.  “Good Enough”, is never good enough for us. Though budgets may vary, quality craftsmanship does not.

5. Value

By providing you with great information in a professional and honest manner, and being flexible to try new things, I am able to provide you a lot more for your construction dollar. My experience in the industry as an investor, developer and a builder helps me to provide exceptional value to each project I build.

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